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Syawal 1437H


Today is the 5th day of Raya Celebration. What a time. Seem like yesterday was the 1st Ramadhan started. Alhamdulillah, I’m fasting with easy and nothing bad things happen (I mean gastric).

Still not late yet for me to wish a Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone. May this Syawal month we fill our day with joyful and happiness and we make our relationship become strong and everlasting. –Jangan ada iri hati dan dengki-dengki tau!

First day of Raya, this was our 6th house @ Mandahan Papar. ootd: Maisara Kurung by Bella Ammara & Feathers Bawal by NOAScarf.
Still can smile, even stomach started make the ‘bad rhythm’. With the cousins, we were shared our childhood back on  17-20 years ago.. I’m old already.

On our first day of Syawal, we went 7 houses for beraya. That’s too much for me. On the house as you seen above (6th house), that’s the one and only where I’m not eat anything. I noticed before I sleep that night, when I drink (routine before sleep, 1 glass of plain water) hard for me to swallow the water. Ahhh.. That was sign.

Yes, true. I got fever the next day. The body getting hot and head feels dizzy. Just lay on the bed for the whole day. My body get shocked may be, after fasting month I ate too much when Syawal started. LOL

3rd of Syawal we were going back to Pitas. Along way back, we beraya again. This time only 3 houses. 3. (That’s too much to actually. 😉 ). 

Last but not least, Happy Eid Mubarak you all!!

p/s I still get duit raya. 😉

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