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Birthday Wishes

Assalamualaikum.. 🙂

Err.. November near to end of the month dah.. Sad! Eceh! 😦

In this  month there a some of my friends who always remember my date. The good friend, the best friend, the friend who understood my attitude, share same interest and many more. Or this century being called as BFF – best friend forever. 😉 These friend never forget 02nd November was my birthday date.


From Wirda Arsih; married, had a pair of children and stayed in Kedah follows her husband which posted there. Yup, surely for work.


The longest friend I ever had. Putri Husnain. Knew her since secondary school (2000). I love  her ‘swag’. The strongest lady I respect with what she had gone through as a woman. Love you too bud! – She’s single!


First I met her 22 November 2002. This year are our 13th year friendship. The one who knows me well. The one who understood me good. Thanks for being my friend Suhaini! (She is single!)


She was my junior back at UiTM. Norashimah. She knows everything. I classified her as a multitasking friend. I love her. He taught me many things. Cooking the most. 😉 – She’s single! Untong siapa dapat.


A friend who knows me well too. Nurita. Like Wirda, married and had a pair children. Now stayed in Kuching, follows her husband for a work too.

A lot of friends sent me birthday wishes too. I highlight these 5 ladies because their a special for me (by the way, there a another special friend too, but wish by phone call .. Ehee! ). And yes, Mom is the 1st ranking who always wish my birthday on time. But I can’t share to you all what she said right.. Hehe.. (Nanti ada yang sendu.. 😉

Frankly, I am not the type must celebrate birthday every year.  Yes I know celebrate your big day with the big one cake with the amount of candles same as your age number, blow the candle, laughing and surrounding by people who loves and cares you with infinity will give you a lot of memories.

But for me it’s sufficient just get the birthday wishes. No cake, no card, no gift or similar. Enough I do what I want (It’s include if I want to buy my birthday cake with myself).  Usually, I prefer to be alone on my day while with people in ‘chaotic’ time.

For those who sent me birthday wishes, Thank You so much. You all are the best!

Thank you for reading this entry! 🙂


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