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Minutes Taker

Ever be as a minutes taker in a meeting?

Feel? Like? Yes! Err.. No!

I hate to do that. So much! Eeeeh?

The self scream, why me??? Doing the same thing over and over again. Dari study sampai ke kerja. Argh! Here the reason why my mind go berserk if any bosses ask me ‘Hernie, replace me, take the minutes’ or ‘Hernie,  you’re appointed as a Secretary for this meeting’.. Drown. Hopeless.

  • Finical Chairman/ Members of meeting.
  • Complicated Chairman/ Members of meeting.
  • Unclear voice.
  • Discussion, not in the agenda.
  • Discussion, misunderstanding.
  • Preparing the meeting room.
  • Prepare the minutes of meeting, NO procrastinate! (me, always. Slap the face!)


Lovely Vietnam’s street coffee.

1 thing changed myself to fall in love with this ‘heavy task’, tea break time will always serve the COFFEE. Erk!

Love as a Minutes Taker or Coffee??

Then, the coffee spread the love. Heh!