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Head of Family

She still remembered that day. Yes that day. The day in February 2011. Her mom called, told what happened to her husband.

“Didi, at hospital now, when I ask you back, bring your brother too”

She astonished. What happened? She knew Didi was ill since a few months ago. Asthma. Is it serious? Monologue start.

She waiting a call, asking her brother through SMS, still no reply. Why? Waiting is suffering feeling. The time has come, mom call again, but talk while crying. Still she has no idea. Her mother just said, fetch the brother then go home. After tell her lady boss she will take a leave for a few days she drove to fetch her 26 years old brother. He’s crying.

“Did you know?”

“What?” She reciprocate with question too.

“Didi passed away” The hands that grasp steering become weak, tears go. She know, she never be a good stepdaughter and showed her love towards Didi.

Al-Fatihah to the head of her mom’s family, her stepfather.